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Welcome to the Mortal Kombat X guide ! -- All Banners LINK to Play List on ! This is still very in the works so bear with me ! Although we have over 120+ videos already ! WoW ! Enjoy and remember to click the banners to youtube ! thanks -code

Banner Links To Mortal Kombat X .. Main Story Walk Through . I apologize for currently only having a few chapters up to 9 Scorpion. Although it wasn't getting enough attention for me to continue. The story is easy enough and pretty much anyone has seen it. Although if you would like to request me finish it please do and I will no problem - code. 

Banner Link's To the Kung Jin LP ! A Full Playlist On Everything Kung Jin for the Kung Jin fans. 

I went really in-depth in the first video Bojutsu. This was because Kung Jin was the first character I really focused on in the game. Kung jin still holds up so far and I have done about 5-6 analysis on several of the other characters shown below.

Kung Jin basically has 3 weapons and of course 3 variants. I find Bojutsu to be one of the least effective or at least my least favorite. It has the least amount of special moves and really doesn't add much that I like to the combination list. The Up fire attack is good Anti-air one of the best for his class although I find the below variants more fun/useful.

Ancestral is probably the coolest in my opinion. You gain 3 arrow types. Vampiric, Fire, and Stun. Fire deals more damage. Vampire arrows can leech your opponents super meter away. Stun can stun and that stun time is quite nice. They are also easy to pull off and IMO work great against Scorpion and Raiden.

Finally we have Shaolin which is probably my most used of them all. I like Shaolin the most because it basically gives Kung Jin 3 weapons to mess with during battles. You gain the CHAKRAM only in Shaolin variant. You still have the bow and arrows and you will also still have all your staff combos or at least most of them. Plus you gain even more combos with the chakram. On top of all that the Chakram has one of the best enhanced moves that I have come across in the game thus far. More analysis later - code.


Banner Links to GORO Play List.. Fatalities Brutalities How To and ALL Variant Montage.

Goro is a legend in his own right. Cliche to say but it is true. He is really awesome looking in this game as well. I also feel it is worth the 4.99 to purchase him. Your getting quite a bang for your buck. He has 5 brutalities 2 fatalities and of course 3 gameplay variants.

Onto the Gameplay. Well first there is Tigrar Fury. This grants Goro the ability to spray fire like a dragon at your enemy. The catch with Goro is that he will give or take or lose some abilities even basic specials such as Shokan bolt. You may lose this in Tigrar variant and exchange it for the Fire attack. Although you still keep the Kombos as well as much other needed specials. Overall I find Tigrar fury to be one of my personal least played, despite sounding and looking cool.

On a side note. Goro has some of the best looking fatalities and brutalities in the game. They also all come jam packed with him and unlocked once you get the Goro DLC.

Onto my most used which is the middle variant Kuatan Warrior. One thing that stands out with Kuatan Warrior is the QUAKE ability. Plus You still keep shokan bolt. You will still have the back forward punching move and of course your Krush stomp which can be enhanced and break attacks by the way.

Quake is quite leather and hits twice AND knocks enemy into the air even without an Enhance. You will also gain the chest pounce ability. This is a useful switch up from quake. The only drawback to this variant is that Dragon Fangs variant has better combos and is faster striking.

Dragon Fangs last mentioned above adds amazing looking bladed gauntlets to the Hands Of Goro. They strike fast and add some nice combinations as well as a nice turnaround special move. It is a tight choice with Kuatan warrior and you will have to adjust to your enemies play style. CPU is hard to tell the real truth of the variants comes out in PvP. In Conclusion the blades strike fast and add combos. You still have your basic specials including shokan bolt. So yeah.. This one Or Kuatan Warrior. Although I will update this later most likely as well as I progress - code.

Still Having Some Microphone Issues. So I decided to write this one up. Sonya Blade is ANOTHER amazing character. So far I have only truly tested Kung Jin and Goro. Although Sonya seems to be better implemented with cooler ideas then the previous two. 

That's not to say they are bad characters. It's just Sonya is really really awesome. First let's look into the 3 variations. Covert Ops, Special Forces, and Demolition. Let's Start With Special Forces.Special Forces will Allow Sonya to basically Summon a drone.The drone will fly around for about 8-10 seconds. The drone can be parked or un-parked.

It has 4 attacks that you can command by holding down one of the four main buttons + the trigger button. I prefer or think a good idea would be lasers or homing missiles and ENDING it with a kamikaze. If you can time this right and get good with Sonya it can be devastating to other players.

Next is Cover Ops. This let's Sonya gain the Military Stance and Garrote Parry abilities. The Parry is just that a cable parry that can deal nice damage when landed. There is also an enhanced version. Although I am not too sure the differences.

Military stance is a stance move and has 3 moves + at ease which reverts you back to normal stance. It is hard to get used too. Although another nice original implement in Sonya play design.You can probably pull off some nice combos when starting with the stance doing a double kick then switching back to basics. 

Finally my favorite tree or variant which is Demolition. Demolition let's Sonya use grenades. And gain a few combos + an awesome wake up. I feel it is the best developed of all trees. It also has the most moves by far.

Frag Grenades that can be thrown far close or basically controlled by the player. You can even detonate them yourself. They can be enhanced to deal 3 grenades which becomes  shrapnel attack.Bake n Wake is a somewhat counter grenades. It eats two grenades and is used by pressing X fast after a "wake up"

To regain grenades you must drop your drone.

Stun Grenades stun the enemy.The enhance version drops 3 stuns and is called flash bang grenades. Remember you have 3 grenades until you reload with your drone. Also some attacks eat 2 or even 3 grenades. 

Ermac Is actually one of my favorite characters and seems to be popular with many other players as well. After all he looks cool sounds cool and has some of the best specials and bad ass brutalities in the game. He was my first choice of play although due to the story I got a bit stuck on Kung Jin. We will have more Ermac analysis later. For now Let's just talk about his brutalities and Fatalities.

Ermac has 5 sweet Brutalities. We got several if not all of them up now in the banner above. Click it. It links to full PL { play list } on As a matter of fact that goes for all banners on this page.

One of the more challenging brutalities to pull off is Soul Eater. It is listed in the play list above. I also found we win hard to pull off too so you should really check out the Tutorials. Overall though, they are very nice and feels great to pull off during a fight especially online. Remember Brutalities give or award the most points in Towers and other play modes.

Reptile Is another very well developed character. He has a strange setup however. He only basically has 2 new moves per variation. The point is that they impact almost every other special/kombo he has to offer. 

Let's start with Nimble tree. Nimble has the move called Basilisk Basilisk will act as though Reptile is a gorgon from god of war or clash of the titans. If you get my reference it basically turns or slows the enemy. The entire screen will turn green and last 4-5 seconds if you do not get hit.

PLEASE NOTE *** getting hit in ALL variants with reptile will take away your positive spell buff. ** this goes for Basilisk as well.

If you use the normal Basilisk it will slow the enemy. If you use the enhanced it will be cast quicker and enhance you or slow the enemy even more so. The Major down side to this is the slow start up. I suggest nimble for the more advanced player. Possibly because you should know your combos well before getting good with Nimble.

Next we have Noxious. Noxious is really awesome. Why ? Well it creates a toxic poison cloud around Reptile that EATS AWAY at your opponents health bar. Another reason why? Well even if you are blocking and the enemy hits you it still stays up ! Another reason ? Enhanced version eats away MORE health then poison gas which is called toxic fumes. ALSO +++ it has a faster start up when cast then poison gas !!  

Overall Noxious is awesome. It is great for me personally because I like to block to get my thoughts together. Reptile also has a nice.. "how the heck" effect on players in those super tight matches. Choose this one if the match is close at the end and you need to "chip" the end.

Finally we have Deceptive. Despite looking awesome. I thought this was the biggest piece of crap. Well it's not. Actually it is quite bad vs the CPU. Although IF you can cast it quick enough PvP you can go completely invisible. The camouflage is good but takes to long to cast for partial invisibility. The good thing is even when casting the UN enhanced version of the spell. If you hold down the A button on xone you can still go invisible. This takes longer however.

If you use the EN-HANCED version you will go INVISIBLE off the bat. it eats one meter bar and could really destroy your enemy. They can't see you at all.

Overall I feel Reptile is one of the best designed characters in the game. He looks bad ass. Has sick moves sick specials and force ball is amazing by the way ! He also has nice fatalities AND Brutalities.

P.S. reptile also has several amazing specials that are available in ALL variants. Slide which is similar to sub-zeros. Reptilian Smash. Force ball, which can be controlled as well as enhanced as can slide and smash. He can spit acid, puke acid puddles and all of the above can be implemented into combinations + elaborated upon. Reptile might just be the best Designed character thus far and possibly a contender for #1 in the games Design and in my humble opinion. - Supercodebreak 

Erron Black is still a good character. In fact game play wise he probably has the most Overpowered move in the game THUS far. That is the Tarkatan sword stab which can also do DoT damage over time with it's infection AFTER hitting WoW !

Although I still have had the least amount of fun with him. Especially in his Gunslinger tree. Gunslinger is the worst tree I have used thus far and pretty much a Let Down. Erron black has hard to use combos in this tree and overall in general. Having only basically 2 new skills one of which is a stance is really not worth it to me.

Moving on to Outlaw. This is actually not one of my favorites. All though mentioned above the Takratan sword that is used by Erron Black is quite lethal. After an infection stab the enemy will bleed and take DoT. You can also throw sand in the enemies face then follow up with the stab. Both deal damage. Finally if you jump and hit attack with the sword it can knock down the opponent fast and quickly. Follow this all up with Erron Black easy to use X-RAY dealing 35% damage right? Well the sword attack deals 23% overall + around anohter 5-8 from the sand attack. Nearing 70% damage. Also that may or may not include the DoT from the Takratan swords bleeding damage.

Overall I feel Outlaw because of the moves stated above and combined with basic special moves. Not to mention the Outlaw sword combos is probably the easiest way to abuse the game. The game is still balanced but the sword has to be nerfed. It should be used ONCE per round if anything. The sword actually reappears AFTER breaking it into your opponents body a few SECONDS {4-5} later. - code

Finally we have marksman. This one I love. You get a sick 3 shot long rifle. It reminds me of lincolns rifle in fallout 3. The hunting rifle.. er Long Rifle is awesome. You can hold down X with long shot and just sit there aiming it. You can enhance and dealy with sniper shot. OR Fire off 3 shots at once. Really really cool. Finally you keep your sand grenades sand toss, sand slides AND GAIN the long rifle uppercut. It is a GREAT tree check it out.

In conclusion... Despite Erron Black Marksman being fun, him having a great X-ray.. I feel there were more let downs then positives compared to other characters.. Am I just getting bored with the game ? I hope not ! Overall marksman is great.. but really the thing that bugs me the most is his costumes.. They could have been cooler IDK .. - supercode

The Banner Above includes a still in the works playlist on sub-zero. So far most brutalities are covered. I am missing the fatalities as well as some other stuff I wanted to add in.

Sub-Zero has some really cool brutalities. 2 of them are shown and quite easy to pull off even online. The spilting image brutality is harder to pull of and is in Sub-Zero's awesome grandmaster variant. 
Shown in the tutorial it's not the hardest but will be satisfied when blasting a LIVE opponent with it.

Grandmaster seems not like a big deal at first. Only having 2-4 new skills and no combos if I remember correctly. All though if used Properly the Ice-Klone is one of the best in the game. I have been whipped by it and I am trying to whip with it. For Better players I would go with Grandmaster. Although Cryomancer and Unbreakable are still fun to use as well.

The Blue steel costume is worth it for only 2.00$ It could've been a dollar but we can't win them all. It's still cool as hell though. As for costumes Sub-Zero has about 5 right now. The Original , Blue steel, Reveneant , Maskless and Klassic. They are all really cool and I will link them all inthe LP above.

Cryomancer is pretty deadly. It's uppercut has more reach then most it seems. The hammer move is to slow unless coming at a blocker from air. It has a nice forward B combination that can also be led into a BRUTALITY a nice one... Also one of the easiest brutalities to pull off in the game.. Which is just a final freeze into a sword uppercut.

Unbreakable.... This one adds Defense to Sub-Zero.. If you get hit a bunch and want the extra defense go with this. This is good vs the CPU or if you want to try learning more moves. The extra defense should help.

Sub-Zero basics special moves and combinations can all be added in with the Variants. Overall Sub-Zero I find is a pretty solid and well put together character. His main catch is still and probably always will be the FREEZE. Overall nothing TOO original just SOLID and good choice.

Scorpion feels a bit lacking this time around in my opinion. Maybe I didn't play him enough. Maybe I just wasn't interested enough in him this time around. Maybe because I am on character 7 analysis ?

Regardless I still find his look and costumes awesome. Hatori Hanzo bothers me just a little bit. I liked Scorpion being a Netherealm badass. It's NICE how he is a good guy too... BUT maybe it's a little to nice for Mortal Kombat.

His Fatalities however are not as sweet. He has some of the most thought out and brutal fatalities check them out. All Flash Banners LINK to Scorpion VIdeo Tutorials and LP's.

Brutalities are great as well especially get over here brutality. I walk you through them one by one. Enjoy ! If a brutality is not up.. wait a few days and it should be soon !

As For Scorpions Variations.. { more later }

Liu Kang is probably the most easiest Character to win with and both one of the hardest characters to truly master. His basic specials and Killer Kick combos are generally very easy to pull off. They are also very tricky to the opponent. Even moves like dragon's roar are deadly and can lead to more points with easy brutality inputs.

Now for his Fatalities I only have one up at the moment but Liu Kang will rip out the opponents vocal cord and shove it back down his throat ! WoW that's a BRUTAL end.

Brutalities are nice as well. Dragon's Den is easy to pull off. The Bicycle kick finisher is a bit more challenging. It is called tread Lightly. It is a nice mix up but harder to use. Hot head is a sickkkk one !
Also pretty easy to pull off. Although I suggest being in Flaming Fist for this one. It makes the fire balls more direct. Any problems see the LP above at banner.

Now I said earlier Liu Kang is easy to use and both challenging to MASTER. This is mainly true because of his variations. There are 2 that I think are just amazing. One specifically more then the other which is DUALIST.

The DUALIST variant amazes me. One main reason is that with the Ying spell which is a channeling cast.. You can HEAL your player. Now it is very hard to find the time to heal. Although If timed correctly you can both Heal AND Deceive your opponent into attacking you. With quick inputs and GREAT skill you can counter the attack.. usually with a nice uppercut or move of your choice. Remember this with many other moves BUT especially the Yin healing spell.

Liu Kang also gains the ability to cast awesome SOLAR FLARES.. High or low. they are fast and have a nice radius. Further more you can then Use DARK METAMORPHOSIS !! this is the YANG side. You can alternate between light and dark. YANG will increase your attack power. It is freaking awesome. Not to mention we are STILL in the same variant. It is very hard to pull off however. You have to have a ton of distance from your opponent. QUICKLY cast Yang then follow up with either a block or attack. IF you master combos as well.. which Liu Kang has easy combos for the most part. You can deal like 50% damage with ONE combo and NO METER !!

FINALLY still on DUALIST !!! you can cast Dark Spheres that can even be empowered ever stronger with Yang ! these are very very hard to use. They do NOTHING when cast UNLESS stopped with button commands. So You must cast.. then stop it. Although it works like REPTILE force ball.. Except much more powerful CAN be powered further with YANG and is usually much much larger.. unless you cast LOW . 

In conclusion DUALIST is the most in-depth tree thus far. Making Liu Kang the most developed and best character to use. Not only for Beginners but for Pro's as well. He is just awesome also has a wide variety of costumes.

Some Characters that can beat Liu Kang easier.. Goro, { Tele stomp } Kung Lao.. Quan Chi.. Tele stomp works great vs Kang. Throws especially Kung Lao Teleport toss can really screw up your combos. Sub-Zero freeze and slide can also really mess up Liu Kang. BEWARE GORO !!!

Some people have asked me how to block Liu Kang kicks and combinations. Well the best way to do this is to stay low in my opinion most of the time and watch high. Easier said then done. IF your opponent knows how to block this. It can be really hard and you may have to switch tactics UNTIL the opponent attacks and you counter it fast enough.

Flame fist and Dragons fire. Dragons Fire adds some nice fireball attacks. You still keep certain specials like Bicycle Kick and flying kick turns into a dragon kick. The fire balls are a sweet mix up and are very nice enhanced. Once you learn to Use Dualist I would start using that however. Although Dragon's fire is easier to use and still has It's benefits.

Flame fist adds some more combinations to the table like windmill punch and some others. I sadly have no played this one too much. So I will finish this section later. 

That's It for now.. anything else you would like to know or See on Liu Kang just ask !

Cassie cage has one of the easiest button input's in the game that acts like a killer combination attack. All it is is Angle down and X on xone. It basically does a 3 hit attack that knocks the enemy into the air. It is rather cheap. Follow that up with a forward A-A combo and that makes Cassie Cage the cheapest character in the game IMO { in my opinion }...

Despite being cheap the good player can get around this. Cassie Cage has a 9mm glock I think. Whatever kind of gun it is there are TWO of them and they are sweet as hell. You can perform a nice easy brutality with one and enhance them both for multiple chain shots. In HOLLYWOOD variation more gun or akimbo shots become available.

Cassie's variations are decent enough. I personally like Holllywood. If you like getting closer to your opponent and HATE blockers go with Brawler. The Spec Ops variant is great at a distance as well.

Check the BANNER above for a full LP on Cassie Cage on

I Hated Quan Chi In mortal Kombat 4 where he was first introduced. He was mean looking a true bad guy and just an pure evil individual. After Deadly Alliance however I started seeing why Quan Chi was introduced into the series. Now at Mortal Kombat X his pure evil is loved by many including myself.

Quan Chi has some nice brutalities a really cool X-RAY and some cool fatalities. All variant analysis, fatalities, brutalities etc.. Are shown in ALL banners above. For this one just click the quan-chi banner. It will lead you too many videos and montages.

If you don't feel like watching videos at the moment read on ! .. Quan Chi is your typical more defensive or what some call zoning character. I find this very true. Variants such as Summoner which might be over looked by some can be very fun and powerful to use.

Sorcerer is probably the most confusing variant to me. I don't notice the damage enhance much. Although I have only truly tested the damage numbers in training mode. It is based around circles or hex areas that increase damage and buff and debuff yourself or the opponent. More later.

I happen to use Summoner the most at the moment. And When combined with Quan Chi specials and rather easy kombo or short combo inputs. Quan Chi makes better for someone that is not so good at chaining combinations. Of course you will need to chain to win VS pros... But Quan chi provides a slightly alternate route. You want to SETUP your opponent for a chain with quan-chi.. Rather then just blazing gung ho or going in right away.

Warlock is another nice little tree. I should delve into it deeper. Although it seems to be when used professionally to be one of the most SURPRISING attack elements in the game. It states you can attack via portals through many angles. This is 100% true. Once again another amazing design element by nehterealmstudios.

In conclusion.. Quan-Chi in my humble opinion. Looks awesome. Controls wonderfully. Has a very very interesting set of specials AND variations. He has some great brutalities and fatalities. He also is a great defensive or zoning character. I don't recommend him for beginners however. Maybe intermediate players. As for the Long run in a HUGE game. You might want to go with some one else that can chain combinations better. - code

Mileena is really a mixed bag in my opinion. Ethreal form would be my favorite. Although I honestly find piercing to be the most effective. It also has the low sai and most new variation moves. The low sai is huge and is easily performed. Add in the bonus combinations you get with piercing. However Ethreal is just the most cool and probably hardest to use as well.

Ethreal can literally make you evade and become invisible to attacks while ethreal. It has simple inputs although there are many variations of the move. This makes it harder to master. Once master however I feel it can even be more useful then Reptile's deception. It's faster has slow cast time and can be cast nicely even without an enhance. You can also get behind your opponent for easy uppercut attacks or nice combos.

Ravenous finally is probably the most brutal and our pure strongest/power based variation for Mileena.
Easy combination inputs and enhanced version + longer versions of moves. 

Fatalities and brutalities are more to come. We have both fatalities up now and 2 brutalities. Mileena ending is up and all costumes with locations to come soon. Click the banner mileena above for more.

Kenshi is one of the most developed and fun characters to play in the game. He is also probably bar none the best SPAM character in the game. This goes especially for Balanced and Possessed Variations.
Kenshi also has the absolute easiest brutalities to pull off in the game. Making him a wise choice for fast levels and online ass kicking.

Kenshi Possessed is my most played. I actually beat the HARD Klassic tower with this variant. I am going to work on very hard next. I feel possessed is nice as it has a ton of special moves to it's variant. The demon slice attacks do nice damage and have nice range as well. Combine this with Kenshi's basic specials and pretty easy BASIC combos. One nice one is to jump into the air hit the enemy knock him up and toss an enhanced DEMON SLICE at him/her for sweet damage + another knock down.

Kenjutsu variant adds sweet sword combos as well as a view more special moves. You have more variation specials in balanced and possessed however. Although Kenjutsu combos are nice with Kenshi's katana beings used. This gives much more range and tornado attacks with enhance are sweet as hell.

Balanced Kenshi is just that. He seems to act like he did mainly in the deadly alliance game with this variant. You still have telekinetic specials and a few extras for the variation.

Overall Kenshi is a sweet character. Pretty easy to use and the best spammer so far in the game.
Very well developed with 3 costumes ATM and 5 brutalities. The Costumes , endings, brutalities and more are all shown in the play list on just click the banner above. Remember viewing this site on PC or MAC gives you flash banners the FULL LP/PLAY LIST and much more cool stuff. So you might want to get home and check out this site as well. Rather then your mobile smart device. Thanks - code more to come !


Firstly I would like to apologize for the banner LINK not working. I am now using My own flash banners created by myself. Utilizing Photoshop and Adobe Flash. Once again don't forget all these characters LINK to play list and analysis on

Secondly D'vorah is a somewhat nice character to play. She has some of the fastest if not THE fastest striking multiple moves in the game. Ovipositor charge comes to mind. This goes double in VENEMOUS variation where it can poison the enemy and deal DoT { damage over time }. She has one of the coolest Brutalities in the game and some nice fatalities. Although her brutalities are rather hard to pull off for the most part.

Brood Mother Variation does not offer too much. Except for the krawler which I found pretty cool. The best tactic or variation I found for D'VORAH and this is only after 2 full days of play. Is the swarm variation. 

You can pull off some really nice combos with the ladder variation. One in particular is a nice 8 hit combo shown in the videos above. I apologize for forgetting the names. It's been a long night and this section will possibly be updated further.

In Conclusion... D'vorah and her variants are nice. She strikes fast and is fast. She has an amazing anti air throw + combo. My gripe is that she could have had a few more specials in Brood mother variant. Although she makes up for this in originality with her ability to poison and her speed. Ovipositor Charge is very nasty and poisons.. remember only in venemous variant however.

Kano the definition of Badass... Especially in Mortal Kombat. Member of the Black Dragon hater of Sonya and Big Jax ! .. Kano is somewhat a mix between Sonya Jax and Kano with his cybernetic variation.

Personally I like Cybernetic. Not only because of the traditional RED color lasers and such but also because he has the most fun set of moves. Kano gains nice combinations in cybernetic. He also obviously is cooler. Why ? Because he has the eye laser and I like it !

Cybernetic on a serious note.. adds in nice combinations that either plant grenades or can finish off the enemy with one of the best brutalities in the game, glaring light. The brutalities for the most part are easy. Glaring light however is quite hard to pull off. 

Kano's special attacks such as cannon ball and knife throwing are still here. Even the diagnol cannon ball attack. In cybernetic enhanced meter moves usually knock up the enemy. This leaves them off for huge combinations and eye laser attacks to finish off the opponent.

Commando Variation is more of a wrestler type or very close quarters combat. Yet it deals nice damage. The grabs are powerful and can really mix it up against opponents not used to close quarters combat. Such as a piercing mileena fighter or a fireball Liu kang opponent.. Even more so the Dreaded Kenshi spammer, may go down EASY to this with the right player behind Kano.

Cuthroat variation adds additional knife attacks. I didn't get into cut throat much because I honestly am a Cybernetic fan. If I do more will come. 

In conclusion. Kano is another great character and fun to play. He has great Brutalities and one of the BEST fatalities in the game. He has original moves, tons of them and great variation mix ups. Go Kano cybernetic if your an advanced player. Even Commando if your advanced and like close quarters.


Jax is back ! Returned from the dead by the forces of good Jackson "Jax" Metal Arm Briggs is here and he is PISSED !!

Jax has the absolute hardest brutality in the game to pull off. I haven't even done it myself because it is so insanely hard. You can find some videos of it on youtube. Although I find it hard to believe that it was actually done lol ! It is called rag doll and can only be done in WRESTLER variation. It is once again very very difficult.

Aside from that we have several videos up for Jax. Most of his brutalities are covered. His ending. His concept art for his farm and costumes. We Also have his fatalities up in 1080 HD ! Click the LINK above for all the video content on JAX.

Jax has an amazingly fun variation that is called Heavy Weapons. With heavy weapons. Jax gains an SMG and a Rocket Launcher. The control is amazing especially with the Launcher. You can make  a COMPLETE Delay with it and aim it straight or up on an angle. It can also be enhanced. Further more you can do the Rocket Roll Brutality which is one of the most fun in the game.

The wrestler variant is hard to use. It is also very powerful. However I only really suggest PRO or very good players to use wrestler.

Pumped up is a bit easier then wrestler. Although I still prefer heavy weapons.. It's just more fun ! IMO. Combining jax variants with his classic special moves is great. In pumped up variation Jax has a very very nice tremor/ground quake attack. Yes the purple sonic boom type attacks return as always !

In conclusion. I had fun with Jax. He is a great character and has a large amount of fun factor + Originality. He is a joy to play although not the BEST. Jax in heavy weapons is nice for beginners or intermediate players. While Wrestler and possibly even Pumped Up can be considered Pro - supercodebreak

Kotal Kahn is probably my most well liked newer character in the game. He has some of the best brutalities and special moves/variations in the game in my opinion. He is just a joy to play.

He Has both close range and long range skills. He also has a great close range grab that can be leveled 3 times in Sun God variation. He has dry rub brutality which is one of the best in the game as well.

Sun God has the ability to cast a beam of light. It damages players and can Heal Kotal Kahn. He also has  a blood sacrifice which increases melee damage. His war god variation is based on pure aggressive brute strength. He also has a great uppercut move that can be performed into various easy to use combination attacks.

Blood God grants Kotal Kahn the totem ability which is awesome. More on that variant later as I want to give you a FULL analysis on this amazing character. In conclusion.. Kotal Kahn seems to be a great play. He is one of the most original and fun to use characters. Be sure to check him out. For novice players and even pros.

Click the Banner Above for the FULL PL on Jason Voorhees !

Ok so i finally got the Kombat Pack. For me personally it was worth it. Mainly because i get to show you guys this guide and the youtube videos earlier then most. For other players I feel it might not be so intense. The Brutalities start getting old after around 600 of them LoL! The games variants also start becoming a BIT too similar. This goes double for Jason. 

I guess it's cool that this famous Horror Movie icon is in the game. What it has to do with Mortal Kombat  I don't know. I know they mixed him into the story a bit with his ending.. Although I feel something missing. The Predator might have been a better choice.. OR staying away from this all together. Well I hope it made netherealmstudios some cash. The reason for that is they deserve it. As they put out an amazing game. Although I am looking forward to Tanya and Tremor or MORE traditional MK characters rather then this stuff like Jason or Predator.

One uber cool thing about Jason is in fact his Unstoppable variation. Resurrection is awesome ! It brings Jason back from the dead ONCE killed. The higher your energy meter the more health you will get. So this is a nice tactical move instead of doing an X-RAY. Very cool once again.

Jason also has some nice buffs at his disposal. More then other characters. One to note is the inverted buff. This INVERTS controls for OTHER players. It is sweet and can really give you an advantage + the originality. He also has a power buff as well and more.

Where I feel Jason is lacking is in the special moves department. I didn't find anything too great. People are also complaining about his fatalities though i found them to be just fine. I especially like the intro music horror style before performing each. Jason also has a cool introduction to each battle and still is a Silent Killer.

In conclusion... If your on the fence about Jason I would say stay on it. If your not on the fence then go for it. If you love Jason and even not an Mortal Kombat fan it's worth checking out. Especially the game as a whole if this convinced you to buy it. Me Personally I am looking forward to Tanya.. Hopefully they release her NEXT !! - enjoy - codebreak1337... @

Pretty sure the full name is Takahashi Takeda. Regardless I just really started playing with him. Shirai Ryu is my least favorite variant. Lasher and Ronin however are much more my play style.

Ronin makes use of pretty much a light saber sword. One really unique perk about it, is that you can leave in on the ground the entire match ! This changes up your combos a bit although it can be picked up at anytime. When picked up, if it hits the enemy it will deal damage knock your opponent into the air as well.

Lasher is awesome ! You have more whip moves at your disposal. You also have a nice mix of special moves thrown into the mix. Since Takeda was trained by Scorpion or Hatori Hanzo. Takeda has a very similar move to Scorpion's get over here spear attack. Except it is utilized with the whips.

Takeda has some of the easiest brutalities to pull off in the game. This makes him a nice character to rack up EXP with if your going for high profile levels. His fatalities are pretty sweet as well.

Overall and in conclusion, I would say Takahashi Takeda is a very developed character. My only real gripe is the way he looks himself. Maybe a bit darker would have been nice. Also to add to gripes, his personality is just a bit too naive for me. A Bit immature as well. I would like to see a more grown up darker Takeda in the future. Other then that. His weapons design are absolutely amazing. The whips the sword and the specials/ variation combinations that come with it alike.

Link above for the Raiden play list. It currently consist of brutalities, fatalities and ending + concept art. I also may add in some combo tutorials tonight. 

Raiden is in my opinion,both strategic and aggressive play style. Novice to Intermediate players should pick up on raiden. I do not recommend him for beginners. One exception MAY and I emphasis on the may, the Displacer tree variation.

Master of storms is very strategic. As shown in a video on the power outage brutality vs Erron black. It could be used to stop an aggressive combo player especially the nasty erron black in outlaw variation.

Thunder God adds tons of combos with extends to the mix and is really fun and a great switch up to master of storms.

Finally Displacer. Adds teleport and some other moves that I didn't find very hard to pull off, but I felt they lacked much originality compared to the first two variations. I still am not too sure about the enhanced teleport. Does it just work faster ? it should deal some sort of damage after the enhance. Possibly even a STUN ?

Overall and in conclusion. Raiden is a great play with much variety. Has has great fatalities. Nice brutalities some simple and creative combinations with room for more especially in Thunder God variation. He has some great Cosumes, one of the most epic stories and character development in the game and more. A Must Play .

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