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The cyborg ninja costume can be obtained after completing ALL missions on normal mode. This means anything that is a relative replay mission. Examples : Extreme,Subsistence,Total Stealth. These do not count towards the costume goal.

The costume looks like something out of PlayStation one. This is a major let down. However it does increase run speed. It also has a very nice Raiden esque revengenace lighting bolt trail when you run. On top of that you can know down enemy soldiers that you run into and damage them or perhaps knock them out STN. See the video below to get an idea if you would like it or not.

I apologize for having no video on this. As far as I know I am currently demon snake. The game states that the word INFINITY is embroided on the bandana. Perhaps due to being covered in demon blood I can not see the word. Regardless you can get this from beating EVERY main mission in the game 1-50. Nothing else is required but main mission objectives. This item lets you carry UNLIMITED ammunition. However it will restrict you to NO S-RANKS.

The Sneaking Suit returns in all of it's former glory. This suit can dampen your sounds while moving. It also is a dark color making you harder to see especially at night. You can even HEAL faster with certain upgrades for this suit. Awesome looks and a pure Solid Snake CLASSIC. Also Has INCREASED damage resistance. 

This is probably the most defensive armor in the game if not the obvious best. It is filled with bullet proof ceramic plates on top of the basic sneaking suit. It is rather big and bulky however. Combine this one with a shield and upgrade to max and you have top defense.

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Side Ops #1. Extract Russian Interpreter.
Side Ops #2. Extract Pashto Interpreter .
Side Ops #3. Extract Afrikaans Interpreter.
Side Ops #4. Extract Kikongo Interpreter.

These missions are rather simple especially if you start them after having Stealth camo p.p. at least and completing the main 30 missions. They are even easier after completing all 50 missions. 

For these 4 you will gain intel on translating the following languages. This is important for completing certain mission objectives during the game. You will be able to see the dialog as sub-titles in English now for every language you have extracted a person for.

Side Ops #5. Secure RIOT SMG BLUEPRINT.
Side Ops #6. Secure STUN ARM BLUEPRINT.
Side Ops #7. Secure IR-SENSOR BLUEPRINT.
Side Ops #10. Secure  UA-DRONE BLUEPRINT.

These missions are maybe of somewhat more interest then most side-operations. The Riot-SMG Blueprint will give you a grade 3-4 Development of the weapon. Location is shown in one of the videos below.

The STUN-ARM blue print is huge ! One of my favorite blueprints/weapons in the game. It is a must get so see the pin pointed location in video.

The next 4 are all security devices. They are only necessary for online play. You will see them at other players mother bases and possibly even in certain areas of your own mother base. They are not very interesting although the blueprints themselves are required to collect for 100% completion of the game.

- QUIET - Sinful Butterfly - HD - Grenade Ricochet Tactic - Video

This is A Quiet Montage. It shows off the correct usage of the grenade ricochet command. You can earn this command after reaching BOND level 8. The skill will ricochet a grenade into another enemy. This sometimes can cause AoE ( area of effect ) damage.

 The trick is you must be locked onto that particular target with Quiet to concord the ricochet. This can be very useful if shot into a GROUP of enemy forces rushing towards SNAKE. That is if you can pull it off precisely enough.

The Sinful Butterfly in the video is at GRADE #4. It is quite powerful and can one shot almost all basic enemy troops. Whoa Whoa.

- QUIET - First look : The Wicked Butterfly : HD Video :

The Wicked butterfly is a grade#2 starting weapon for Quiet. It does DMG or Damage to the enemy. Later on you will find more variations of this BRENNAN sniper rifle customized for Quiet only. This one can be graded up as well and has different stats compared to Sinful butterfly.

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The Guilty Butterfly is another Brennan model long barrel sniper rifle. This one however in the video is currently grade#3. I now have a Grade #5. The difference between this one and the other two however, is that this one deals ZZZ or Tranquilizing damage. It will put an enemy to sleep rather then killing it.

The Silver or better yet Naked silver uniform is a pure silver liquid color over for Quiet the Sniper. You can gain this simply by just raising your R&D teams level during the course of the game. The game says it can leave enemies Awestruck ? However after further testing we can conclude it is just cosmetic.

The naked blood uniform leaves Quiet covered in tons of enemy blood or fake blood as the game states. The game also states it strikes fear into enemies hearts. However I do not notice any in game gameplay differences. The cosmetics do look excellent and is one of the better uniforms for Quiet.

Very much like it's silver counterpart. The only difference is that aside from obviously being gold over silver. The costume also has a higher R&D grade level / unit level to acquire it. Cosmetics of pure liquid looking gold will cover Quiet in an "awe" inspiring moment. No gameplay changes once again, simply cosmetic.

This is one of my favorites for Quiet. It makes her look like she is ready for combat as much as solid snake. This uniform is apparently one that she wears/wore when working for Cipher and the XOF.

You can acquire this one AFTER quiet saves the necklace at mother base for the kids. This will be a cut scene that happens after mission 39-40. You must have completed chapter one. Finally it will be available for R&D development.

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You can acquire this one after beating Quiet the 2nd time. The mission will be Mission .41 EXTREME Cloaked In Silence. Once Quiet is defeated do NOT kill her yet again. You will receive the Handkerchief key item. This will allow you to develop the Sniper Wolf Armor for Quiet.


The D-WALKER can not only walk and drive. The D-WALKER also has various weapons systems that can be put to use for a combat advantage. One of these is the D-WALKER task arm. The Basic Arm and the C.Q.C. or Close Quarters Combat arm effects very much like SNAKES prosthetic arm. It can knock out enemies and throw them down as well as more.

The fun part is that this arm can be upgraded to more interesting arm types. One of which is the Machete arm. This will literally put a machete hidden under the D-WALKERS task arm. You can equip it and wield it like a sword. You can rush into enemies head on from driving mode then lash them. It's pretty cool and I am looking forward to more.


Basically an upgraded version of the task arm machete. This one glows and hints off particles much like the weapons of the skulls themselves. It's nice looking and should be used to take out vehicles. Of course rockets and land mines probably work nicer. However it's a nice mix up weapon to try out and just free roam/side operations with.

You can unlock this one by eliminating the skulls in the first code talker mission. However it will take a high R&D unit level to be able to develop and then deploy. Watch the video below if you can't wait to see it in action !


A Huge 1000 Round pumping Gatling Gun Mini-Gun on only ONE side and ONE weapon set for the D-WALKER buddy. Watch the video below as we capture an entire enemy outpost using just this Setup Alone. Remember you can have 2 sets of weapons at a time on a D-WALKER. Also note D-WALKER has upgrade arms/weapons/heads AND armor. So ENJOY !


Very awesome ! It seeks and destroys targets. Has lock on feature. Holds 8 rockets total and 4 per magazine. Does extreme amounts of damage and can kick the ever living crap out of just about any vehicle in the game including gunships easy ! The only thing it is not so useful against is Sahelenthropus. Other then that this thing is extremely powerful ! See the montage video below.

So many many options in this game ! Here is another one. This is uber powerful except it has a short fuel span. Just about one burst can take out HEAVY infantry enemies cladded in armor.

Test this one out on the armored skulls for me and see what happens ! Also awesome looking and up-gradeable via gunship blueprint. See our guide on how to locate this one and more !

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The sneaking suit for D-dog only becomes available if you have acquired an electro spinning specialist in mission 9 back up back down. It is somewhat hard to acquire because the mission is rather difficult. Please refer to our mission walkthrough if you need help with the level.

The suit looks cool and offers an EXCELLENT silent way of disposing of enemy troops. You can mix it up with other D-dog tactics such as the bark command. You can lure the enemy with bark into a silent sneak attack. This keeps snake safe as well as alert levels at low to moderate.

The stun suit looks very similar to the sneaking suit if not the same. However it packs an electronic punch with it. Harder to visibly see then the sneaking suits knife. The suit comes packed with an electric baton to stun or incapacitate enemies.

When used correctly as you would use the sneaking suit it does not kill the enemy. Instead they will remain stunned for a period of time. Remember there is a time difference between stun and sleep attacks. ZZZ or STN.

This is the best looking suit for D-dog in my humble opinion. D-dog basically becomes your first hand medic. He can extract wounded enemies with any version of the fulton extraction device. However you will need to acquire the first aid manual to build / develop this item. See our blueprints section for information on the first aid kit we have video locations and analysis there.

The best defense for D-dog. This will keep him alive and also give the wound enemy command. Although not as powerful as the other D-dog attacks. The D-dog will still give an advantage in battle with this. You can have him fight off certain enemies while you attack or break away from the hot zone. Also it is a nice looking piece of equipment.

You can gain this awesome armor/costume by Completing side op mission 144. You must secure the man on fire's remains in this side operation. To get it you must start chapter 2 and complete the first main / yellow bulb mission.

After that return to Mother base then back to the aerial command center. The side op should appear. Complete it and get the Man on Fire corpse Key item. Then you can develop this armor set. It looks great !

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Music Cassettes :

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Cassettes Obtained Through Main Missions :   
Music Tape #1 :
- Scouting Bad Lands 
- Journey To Point C-5
- Sands 
- Dreamt Of an Eclipse 
- Afghanistan A Big Place
- MGO Trailer Music .
- Richard Wagner " role of the valkyries " From Valkyrie A.
- Koi no Yokushiyoku ( Love Deterrence )
Ocelot Briefing 1.                              
- British Sovereign Base Area - Dhekelia 
- Cyprus a Nation Divided .
- The Route To Afghanistan .
- World Affairs Over the 9 Years .
- What Happened in the Caribbean 9 years ago .
- The Strike Force after the attack.
- After - Effects of Snake's Coma .
Ocelot Briefing 2.
- The Moniker Shalashaska .
Ocelot Briefing 3. 
- Meeting Ocelot, and the foundation of a certain organization .
- Where is Zero ?
Afghanistan Today . 
- The Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan .
- Soviet Army Scorched Earth Operation .
- Threat Of Soviet Gunships . Main Missions
- Hamid Fighters . Main Missions
. Honey Bee Analysis Results - Main Missions .

At Mother Base 
- Mist Unit .
- Cypher's Will .
- Mother Base Reborn .
- Connection With the Seychelles .
. Wailing Ship "Helma Maru " .
. Origins Of "Diamond" .
- Private Forces . Main Missions .
- Big Boss Back To Life . Main Missions .
- Bionic Arm .
. Intel Team .

. Chico And Amanda .
. Strange love .
. Huey .
. Intel Team .
. Training D-Dog .
Background to the epidemic .
Identifying the Infected .

- The Sniper Quiet Appears .
- Quiet's Missile Interdiction Sniping .
- Event's After Quiets Extraction .
- Quiet On Mother's Base .
- Quiet's Mission Performance .

Questioning Huey .
- Emmerich's 9 years .
- Emmerich's research for the Soviets.
- Emmerich's research history .
- Diamond Dogs treatment of Huey .
- AI pod in the lab .
- What is Sahelanthropus ?
- Clone Research .
- Clone Research .

Africa Today (1)
- The Legendary Mercenary .
- Private Forces
- Private Forces C.F.A.
- Private Force C.F.A. Locally Hired Mercenary's .
- Current Affairs In Africa .
- Spread Of Walker Gears .
- Private Force : Zero Risk Security .
- Private Force : Rogue Coyote .
- Kungenga Mine and Ethnic Clash .

- Factory Of the Dead .
- The bedridden in the factory.
- Analysis of the voices in the factory.

Cipher's Cargo .
- Copper Ore .
- Yellow Cake .
- Shinkolobwe Mine .

The Man On Fire .
- The Man On Fire's Weakness.
- What happened next with the man on fire ?
- The Man on Fire .
- Who is the floating boy ?

The White Mamba .
- Nyoka ya Mpembe .
- DDR ( The Problems with Social Reintegration.)
- The White Mamba Detained .
Vocal Cord Parasites .
- Preventing Symptoms .
- The Vocal Cord Parasites Infected Route .
- Resisting the Vocal Cord Parasites .
- The First Infection .
- Experiment In Africa .
- Experiment In Afghanistan .
- Effects Of Wolbachia .

Sahlenthropus .
-  Sahelanthropus Armor Material .
-  Sahelanthropus Armor Material (2) .
- The Captured Sahelanthropus .

Metallic Archaea .
- What are Metallic Archaea ?
- Nuclear Testing in South Africa.
- Emmerich's Power Assisted Exo-Legs.
- The Safety Mechanism Of Nuclear Saturation .
- Uranium Enrichment Archaea
- Motive Of Researching Metallic Archaea

Code Talker and his Research .
- Parasites Living With Us.
- What Covers the Skulls .
- Origins Of Code Talker.
- Motive for researching vocal cord parasites.

--Skull Face's Objective --
- Skull Face's Demise .
- Whereabouts of the Third English Mating Pair.
- Skull Faces' Ethnic Liberation Parasites.
- Conjecture about English strain productions.
- World Reactions to Sahelanthropus.
- Skull Face 9 Years ago.
- Multiethnicity Of the United States .
- Rulers and Language .

The hamburgers of Kazuriha Miller

- Code Talker's Eating Habits.

Field Cassette Tapes :

- Afghan Lullaby + Location + Field Tape #1
- On The Toilet + Location + Field Tape #1
- Quiet's Humming .
- Enemy Eliminated - Location - Field Tape #1

Emblems :
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Complete Side Ops. #51-60 . Each one will acquire snake with a memento photo. Show them to PAZ. Paz is located on the 3rd floor of the Medical Platform. You can give her 3 at a time. After you give her ONE go outside, smoke the phantom cigar and give her another. Rinse Repeat. After the 3rd you must return to the Aerial Command Center.
Afterwards Return and repeat the process until all photos are on her wall. You will then receive the final photo which is right outside paz room, the memento butterfly.

Children's Reward : -- Save all 5 children in the blood runs deep quest.
Conch Shell - Defeat Eli in SIDE OP 113 .
Quiet's Examination Report - Head back to Mother Base During Chapter 2.
Skulls Machete - Defeat the Skulls in Metallic Archaea Mission 29.
Strangelove's Memento - Release the AI-POD side op
Man on Fire ( Corpse ) Find and contain the man on fire's corpse - SIDE OP.

Bat: Use multiple methods to neutralize enemies with exact numbers (10 kills with multiple techniques).
Bear: Use CQC for most neutralizations during the previous three missions.
Bee: Use lethal handguns to neutralize most enemies during the previous three missions.
Butterfly: Use Quiet to neutralize most enemies.
Chick: Do not complete Mission 06 after three missions.
Chicken: Use the chicken hat at least once during the previous three missions.
Doberman: Use lethal assault rifles to neutralize most enemies.
Eagle: Neutralize 90% of the enemies in the previous three missions with headshots.
Fox: Do not get detected during the previous three missions. Reflex Mode does not count as detection.
Foxhound: Complete the previous three missions with the "Perfect Stealth, No Kills" score bonus.
Hawk: Neutralize most enemies with the help of air support from a helicopter.
Hog: Use D-Horse to neutralize most enemies by ramming into them while riding.
Hound: Use D-Dog's "Do it" command to neutralize most enemies.
Mantis: Slit the throats of most enemies that were neutralized during the previous three missions.
Octopus: Use nonlethal weapons (ZZZ, STN, etc.) to neutralize most enemies during the previous three missions.
Orca: Use throwing weapons (hand grenades, grenade launchers, Molotovs) to neutralize most enemies.
Ostrich: Use D-Walker to neutralize most enemies.
Piranha: Use lethal shotguns to neutralize most enemies.
Puma: Use a grabbing method to neutralize most enemies during the previous three missions.
Raven: Use lethal machine guns (turrets, AA cannons, Gatling Gun, etc.) to neutralize most enemies.
Scorpion: Use lethal submachine guns to neutralize most enemies.
Shark: Use missiles to neutralize most enemies.
Spider: Use lethally placed explosives (mines, C4, etc.) to neutralize most enemies.
Tortoise: Use vehicles (with either their built-in weapons or by ramming) to neutralize most enemies.
Whale: Neutralize most enemies by bombarding them through Fire Support.
Wolf: Use lethal Sniper Rifles to neutralize most enemies.


Arch: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 14.
Arrowhead 01: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 25.
Arrowhead 02: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 32.
Barrel 01: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 16.
Barrel 02: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 17.
Club: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 31.
Cross: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 12.
Double Inverted Triangles: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 07.
Fan: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 06.
Flag: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 45.
Heart: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 11.
Hexagon: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 22.
Dog Tag: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 02.
Isosceles Triangle: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 05.
Lightning: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 34.
Parallelogram: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 13.
Rectangle (Horizontal): Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 10.
Rectangle (Vertical): Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 08.
Rhombus: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 15.

Shield 02: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 18.
Shield 03: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 20.
Shield 04: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 24.
Shield 05: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 25.
Shield 06: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 27.
Shield 07: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 38.
Shield 08: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 35.
Shield 09: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 43.

Spade: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 23.
Star: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 3.
Trapezoid: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 09.
X: Successfully complete all tasks in Mission 30.

Archangel: Get an "S" rank in Mission 25.
Arm: Get an "S" rank in Mission 25.
Assault Rifle: Get an "S" rank in Mission 24.
Axe: Get an "S" rank in Mission 08.
Battleship: Find it on the Command Platform after the fourth deck is complete.
Biohazard: Get an "S" rank in Mission 13.
Cardboard Box: Find it on the Mother Base Command Platform.
Chick: Get an "S" rank in Mission 43.
Club (Decorative): Get an "S" rank in Mission 29.
Diamond (Decorative): Get an "S" rank in Mission 31.
Diamond: Successfully complete Mission 43.
Earth (Map): Get over 150,000 Heroism.
Earth (Wireframe): Get over 150,000 Heroism.
Fighter Jet: Find it on the Command Platform after the third deck is complete.
Flames 1: Get an "S" rank in Prologue.
Flames 2: Get an "S" rank in Mission 20.
Flower: Get an "S" rank in Mission 06.
Fulton Recovery Device (Sheep): Find it on the Animal Conservation Platform in Mother Base.
Fulton Recovery Device (Solider): Find it on the Command Platform after the second deck is complete.
Garland: Successfully complete Mission 43.
Gas Mask: Find it on the Mother Base Quarantine Platform.
Gear: Get an "S" rank in Mission 12.
Gunship: Get an "S" rank in Mission 41.
Handgun: Get an "S" rank in Mission 21.
Heart (Decorative): Get an "S" rank in Mission 11.
Heart, Ring & Wings: Get an "S" rank in Mission 17.
Lightning 02: Get an "S" rank in Mission 04.
Moon (Decorative): Get an "S" rank in Mission 32.
Musical Note: Get an "S" rank in Mission 45.
Nuke: Successfully complete Mission 31.
Parachute: Find it in Quiet's cell after Side Ops 111 becomes available.
Radiological Biohazard: Get an "S" rank in Mission 16.
Skull (Front): Get an "S" rank in Mission 06.
Skull (Side): Successfully complete Side Op 82.
Skull, Horn & Tail: Get an "S" rank in Mission 30.
Skull, Ring & Wings: Get an "S" rank in Mission 27.
Spade (Decorative): Get an "S" rank in Mission 23.
Spear: Get an "S" rank in Mission 14.
Star (Decorative): Get an "S" rank in Mission 03.
Sword: Get an "S" rank in Mission 07.
Tank: Get an "S" rank in Mission 09.
Walker Gear: Get an "S" rank in Mission 15.
Waterfowl: Get an "S" rank in Mission 26.
Wings: Get an "S" rank in Mission 10.

Database :
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Blueprints :

ZORN-KP - DISPATCH MISSION . " Defend the Pipeline "

ZE'EV SMG - DISPATCH MISSION - " Search And Destroy Remaining Forces "

G44- BLUEPRINT - Ditadi Abandoned Village ( No Video )

GEIST P3 - DISPATCH MISSION -" Break Through the Blockade " ( No Video ? )

ISANDO RGL-220 - " South guard post at Ditadi Abandoned Village or the west guard post at Kungenga Mine.  northwest guard post at Munoko ya Nioka Station. Or the south guard post at Nova Braga Airport.
HAIL MGR-4 BLUEPRINT - DISPATCH MISSION " Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges "

UN-AAM - BLUEPRINT - Search Bampeve Plantation or Kizibia Camp . Can be found in Mission 21.

LPG-61 - DISPATCH MISSION " Recapture the port facilities "


AM-MRS-71 RIFLE - BLUEPRINT - DISPATCH MISSION. "Destroy New fighter aircraft"

WU S333 - DISPATCH MISSION - " Restore the DMZ "

UA-DRONE - Side Ops 10 Afghanistan Central Base Camp.

LPG-61 - DISPATCH MISSION - " Recapture the Port Facilities ."

MACHT 37 - Mission 23 Kunenga Mine Or Destroy the Gunship in mission 23 it will then drop.

GUN-CAM DEFENDER -  Side Op 9 . Nova Braga Airport .

FLAMETHROWER BLUEPRINT -  Missions 41 gunship will drop this. Or Mission 31 Munoko ya Nioka Station .

BULLHORN SG - DISPATCH MISSION - " Prevent the Coup D'etat"

ANTI-THEFT DEVICE -  Side Op 8. Masa Village Eastern Guard Post.

All Posters Video :

5. Cartoon Poster Vertical . Found On Mother Base After Completing game main missions.

6. Cartoon Poster Horizontal . Found On Mother Base after completing main missions.

Demon Snake : - Blood Stained VENOM Snake.

Some of you may have encountered the problem that you are covered in blood. You can not remove this by showering or changing uniforms. You also have a horn much larger then the sharpnel piece at the start of the game. This is called Demon Snake. You can acquire demon snake by doing various LETHAL deeds in the game. You can revert back slowly by doing non-lethal or "good" deeds. All it is really is a slight karma based system for Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain.
To raise demon points do the following.

1. Create and nuke. 2. Kill enemies,animals,team members.3.Fail fulton extractions. All of these will net the player demon points. If you do fire damage to enemies you can earn even more points per kill.

To lower demon points do the following .
1. This may take a while longer but you can DISPOSE of the nuke. You can visit the animal conservation area. Extract skulls. Extract children and animals by chopper nets more good karma !
In a nut shell... If it seems lethal or an non moral thing to do in real life. Do NOT do it in the game. On  the flip side if you do good things you will revert back to normal venom snake.
Just know this because it could be annoying or interesting.

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