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Final Fantasy #1. This is the same game as the very first final fantasy. The game that was titled apparently rightfully so. The Story goes that square was at the make it or break it point in gaming. They changed the title of this game to Final Fantasy as a sign of hope. It worked and has become one of the greatest selling gaming Franchises of ALL time.

They ended up re-releasing all of the original final fantasy games. This one included for several systems and consoles. They added in FMV cut scenes and new artwork among some other ideas. Some of the versions have even had a complete 3-D graphical makeover.

So Sit back relax and enjoy the page ! I will be listing the entire OST so you can even go to sleep or listen to the music while your occupied with something else. One of the best soundtracks ever and many many people would agree with that statement. Enjoy again - AHG- Staff.

Final Fantasy #2 : Later re-released on several other platforms including the gameboy advance with new and updated 3-D graphics. This game was released only in Japan. However many years later it was released for NINTENDO on thier gameboy advance system.

The game was unique for it's time being very story driven and less based upon gameplay. The Series has changed over the years, still being story based heavily yet with a more evolved combat system. For it's time people loved the combat system and the story intertwining. I for one have changed my opinion not on the story music or feel of Final Fantasy games, but the overall gameplay/fun factor I have when playing them.

Click the banner to the left for the Longplay. By none other then Valis77 from World Of Longplays. Valis quotes that this is the BEST final fantasy on the NES. It introduced the class system as several other mechanics.

This game was later re-released on the Nintendo DS in 3-D. I personally owned a copy of the game. I would say I agree with Valis77, it's not the same.. Not at all.

Final Fantasy 4 is really Final Fantasy II in the Americas. It was released as Final Fantasy II on the SNES. It was the first Final Fantasy game to have an ATB system, or better known as Active Time Battles.

It is now considered one of the best RPG games ever made. It was later released on the NINTENDO DS, the Sony Playstation [PSX} and the psp as part of a collection. A Direct sequel was made also for the game called The After Years.

Fans of the game should really LOVE this walkthrough, as It was played by the late great SNES guru - Saikyomog from I can't say more about mog, he is a legend to me and only will be. May his spirit live on through his deeds... this is Final Fantasy .

Final Fantasy 5 was not released initially in the United States. It took a few years for it to come to the states. When Final Fantasy 7 was released, this game out a bit later on PSX as an anthology. It was later revamped for other handheld systems.

We have a nice walkthrough in the banner to the left on by Gamemaster RPG. No commentary for those that just enjoy the classic gameplay. Gamemaster did a great job and 100% the entire game as well.

Ahhh Final Fantasy 6. Now yes I will admit I hopped on the Final Fantasy band wagon at #7 but this game was played during that time, and in ways much better/memorable. Some things I really liked about it was the Mystery behind the main Character Terra. You don't really know what is going on for a long time. Also I like the fact that she was a female main character in a world of gaming dominated by male characters especially for it's time.

The mech bots were so cool and powerful, as is the amazing opening scene and it's gameplay. The Battle system was wonderfully cranked up a huge notch here compared to Final Fantasy 5. You got amazing music and the characters all play differently. They have different skills, reactions, personalities and there are probably more characters here then in any other Final Fantasy game. It's just a really solid game and this is coming from someone that isn't even a big fan of JRPG anymore. Get it , it's even enhanced graphically on steam NOW !

Furthermore the playthorugh is by Saikyomog so that should make you all HYPED to check it out !
Banner to the left includes a  hardcore strategy guide. Text via myself and some other youtube users. Juskireign will also video walkthrough The Crisis Core game of final fantasy VII. Further more there is a dirge of cereberus special in the same guide. 

This game probably has one of the most moving soundtracks in the history of gaming. It moved me and remains and will always remain a part of my life. It has affected many aspects of my life and still moves me today perhaps even at this moment while I write this out.

The gameplay itself was improved but most importantly was the graphical overhaul from FF6 -> FF7 it was just plain huge. The game was also marketed with excellence as I can still remember the train track commercial today as we speak.

The next installment in the Final Fantasy series was a major let down to me. The characters were just not as memorable as FF7 and other installments. This once again is just an opinion so keep the flames at a distance.

I loved the idea of SeeD, I also really loved the gun blade and the entire Lion Heart type theme behind squall. Even playing as Laguna Loire was interesting twist, but it fell short mostly to me due to choppy graphics. It's probably just me but i found FF7 much better to look at. 


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