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This guide will cover the amazing game DOOM released May 13th 2016. It is well worth a buy yet again and were going to try and cover everything in video and text for everyone. Be sure to check out the banners that link to HD video and stay tuned daily for updates.



Additional Relics were found in the tomb alongside the Doom Marine. Some incantation tablets, and an ancient combat suit which was give a name : the "Praetor Suit". When found, it was encased in an inscribed stone tomb. The suit was extracted from the rock,cleaned,and subjected to numerous tolerance tests, and found to be almost impervious to any damage. It appeared to have some mechanical function as well - small receptors on the gloves and chest plate that attracted Argent plasma and dissipated it through capillary tubes in the substructure. Markings on the armor were also consistent with images of a man ( or humanoid ) seen in several of the tablets and stones found on other expeditions. The same markings were also noted on the Helix Stone.

Despite it being clear that the suit can be activated in some way, no method has been found to do it. It appears to be missing a component, likely the Doom Marine himself.

Test subjects exposed to this sphere exhibit extreme rage and increased strength. It has been noted that subjects given the Berserk sphere will vent their rage on any living creature they can find,and will even self-harm if they have no outlet for their fury. In the extremely rare case that a subject survives exposure, they will be left in a perpetual state of delirium and should be exterminated.

Haste Sphere : Codex Entry

This sphere invigorates the imbiber with lightning speed. Once broken, this sphere releases a charged could of Soul-Breaker energy which forms a powerful (albeit brief) exoskeleton that charges and accelerates all natural movement. While the effects are brief the speed that a "hastened" subject can reach is breathtaking. The heart rate also increases dramatically, ultimately resulting in myocardial rupture. The heart,quite literally, explodes.



Despite the discovery of liquid water on Mars in the early 21st century, the colonization of Mars had little appeal beyond exploration for the next century. With the discovery of the Argent Fracture 
( A transdimensional stream of unrefined Argent Plasma ) in 2095, settling and mining Mars became both practical and essential to meet the vast energy demands of Earth. However, the need for the atmospheric conversion and terraforming of the Red Planet was a task that seemed insurmountable to all but one corporation - the UAC. Through their diligent dedication to technological advancement and forward-thinking, an outpost was established in MTC 2095 to extract Argent plasma from the Fracture. When this plasma is subjected to the UAC's Fermionic Transference Pattern, Argent Energy is produced. This remarkable venture eventually bore fruit, as Argent Energy became the primary power source for all of Earth. New visitors to the UAC facility may take for granted the rich atmosphere while on the surface,but should be remembered that just a few short decades ago Mars was an inhospitable desert that could support no life.

Unauthorized exploration into the exclusion zones outside the base is not allowed under any circumstances. Highly volatile experiments and artifacts are frequently researched a safe distance away from the base, and your safety in these areas can not be guaranteed.

New advocates! Welcome to the UAC. This guidebook will serves as your personal guide to fitting in at the Argent Facility on Mars. Your devotion to the UAC's mission is the foundation on which we achieve the establishment of a new paradigm to move humanity forward into the future.

Tier 1 advocates may take some time to adjust to life on Mars, but with faith and dedication, you can look forward to a long and fruitful career as you work towards full induction. Your transition to Tier 2 status will be judged upon your actions here. Make a good impression, new advocate!

This guide will update automatically as you access new areas of the facility. Expect more helpful hints into the UAC way of life, and as we say here on Mars " Power; from the People ! "

The Resource Operations center (referred to as "ResOps") was one of the first facilities constructed at the Mars base after the discovery of Argent Fracture. It encompasses several key areas needed to run the facility, including plasma extraction and processing, isotope stabilization, heavy metal and ore mining, artifact analysis,communications networking and off-world transportation. New UAC employees posted to the Mars facility are expected to fulfill a tour of duty in Res Ops before moving on to their specialized career bracket. Security clearance level 1 allows access to all areas of Res Ops,excluding VEGA networking hubs and some Satellite Control centers. For access to these locations,new advocates must submit a Delta-Q Delta form to the Departmental Enforcer.

To New Advocates 

" And in that vision they saw the future,bold and powerful, and the many worked as one to bring the new order."

What better words to inspire you as you set about initiating yourself into the UAC? Those who came before you and those you serve with all operate with the same goal in mind : the development of a new dawn for mankind. it is by this principle of teamwork that we will elevate ourselves to the next plane of existence.

If you have any new suggestions to improve the work environment while working your tenure in Res Ops, please submit suggestion form WAD E1M4 to your Command Controller. However, it is imperative that you learn to accept the things you can't change and follow the path that has been laid out for you. Your service in Res Ops is a test of your devotion to the cause. Should you be asked to submit yourself to an interrogation program or experimental treatment, you are expected to comply without question. If a fellow advocate asks you to engage in a dedication ceremony, say yes ! If you see an advocate doubting their role at the UAC, bring it to the attention of an Enforcer so that they might receive the help they need. Don't be selfish. Tier 2 is for everyone.

The Foundry ( an extension wing of Resource Operations, the first Mars outpost ) processes all of the heavy elements mined from the outlying Martian landscape and from around the original location of the Argent fracture. Refining Argent plasma requires a large amount of transitional metals and noble gases, so a central location that can be systematically cleansed and decontaminated is required to keep Argent Energy production at Maximum Efficiency. As such, this area is considered a high risk area, and all the UAC employees are subject to regular Med-Checks to ensure their production capabilities are not degraded by the environment. Industrial accident related deaths in the Foundry dropped dramatically in MTC 2146 thanks to the implementation of new UAC safety protocols where employees exposed to dangerous materials are immediately sent to the Lazarus Labs for cleansing, reeducation, and where possible, reintegration. As a result of this protocol, officially reported deaths have dropped to negligible amounts.

Congratulations new Advocate ! If you are reading this message then you have been promoted to the Foundry Resource Team. If you were volunteered for this service, you are joining an elite band of Tier 1 advocates whose work and dedication keeps our mission running on all cylinders. As a member of Foundry Resources. You will have access to some of the most advanced equipment the UAC has to offer,including Grip-Ton Cargo Handlers, Delta V Jump-Boots and DynoPhasic Elevators! New members might want to consider applying for an exclusive "team tattoo" upon joining as a sign of faith in our science. Team tattoos are a mark of your tireless work at the UAC, and can be requested by singing up for any of the Lazarus Wave case studies. Please contact a Tier 3 advanced weaponry technician to fill in your application for a Pentagram brand today !

Argent Facility
The Surface of Mars is an inhospitable environment, despite the breathable atmosphere created by N2/O2 pumping stations. Sand Storms regularly make working outside impractical and constant maintenance is necessary to keep the facility fully operational. During the adverse weather conditions, exterior work is limited to essential activities such as Argent Tower feed control, interdepartmental transport, cargo handling emergency access, and level 2 hazard events ( such as Argent meltdowns or bio-epidemics). Unthethered crossdimensional activity is a frequent occurrence outside the base, so "buddying-up" is advised for all workers when journeying onto the surface.

Exterior Opportunities 
At times, Tier 1 and Tier 2 advocates will be asked to perform dangerous duties that include exterior work. This work may be put before you as punishment for not meeting your quota,or because you are the best person to complete the job. In either case, new advocates should approach the work with the same focus and commitment as any other task. Should you experience any interdimensional encounters, you are advised to report the event to a Tier 3 Lazarus Project scientist or your Departmental Enforcer. You are advised to not approach any non-human entities without executive supervision.

Calm Under Pressure
Should you find yourself caught in a level 3 demon contamination event, it is important that you remain calm. A Tier 3 advocate wouldn't panic, and neither should you. We have a saying here in lazarus Labs - "if you want the job, act as if." So, stop,think, and act as if you are Tier 3 advocate. Here are the steps you should follow :

1. Attempt to reach an emergency force field safety zone or bulkhead door. Do not run as some of our transdimensional visitors are sensitive to movement.

2. Shut down any volatile equipment you may be using. Should you be unable to escape from the demons, it is important that you don't leave that plasma cutter running where it could damage an important piece of machinery.

3. If there is no obvious escape route and you have powered down your equipment. give yourself over to the demon willingly. Studies have shown that infuriating a demon by running away can cause additional frustration in the predator, and that may result in your body being too badly mutilated for useful post mortem study. Simply kneel down, close your eyes, and wait. Remember you can be as useful in death as you are in life.

Complete in 2127 based off a prototype devloped by Samuel Hayden's research team, the Argent Tower, also known as the Argent Inductor, is the UAC's crowning achievement. This unparalleled piece of technology is born of a synergy achieved when radical, forward-thinking UAC science is charged with the raw power of Argent Plasma. Unprecedented in scale, the tower's primary purpose is to harness Argent Plasma from the Fracture, convert it to usable Argent Energy, and beam Argent packages to Earth's GEDM ( Global Energy Distribution Matrix ). It is based off of Gauss Cannon designs ( first prototyped in the late 20th century), although details regarding the inner workings of the tower are a closely guarded secret. The concept of using a Gauss Cannon design to launch energy packets had not been theorized prior to the discovery of the Fracture, but the technology developed at a miraculous rate soon after. The phenomenal growth of this new tech has led to some speculation that the Argent Tower is actually based off of a design discovered in the artifacts that were found dispersed around the site of the Fracture.

As a Tier 2 advocate, you have already proven yourself dedicated to the UAC's mission. The Argent Tower is a monument to that dedication. It is the center of our universe. It is our Triumphal Arch. It is the gate that marks the path to our future. As such, it must be cared for with reverence and devotion, as if it were your own child. It is up to you, Tier 2 advocate, to make sure that our Altar to the Future functions perfectly at all times. Whether your job is to clean the energy filters, or calculate the plasmatic isotope mix, or just to oil the hinges on the blast doors, approach your work as a professional, as a follower, and as a hero to the cause of Science. Unlike everything else in your life, your were here matters.

And remember : from within it flows with power, and the power must always flow. You have been warned.

The blood keep, also referred to as the Kadingir Sanctum, is a sprawling network of tunnels, catacombs and temples that connect the wasteland Umbral Plains to the Great Steppe. It is believed that this area serves as a place of worship and vilification as both hero and enemy can be found buried in tombs throughout the region.

The area is inhabited by all manner of demons, including the Possessed, the Unwilling, Lost Souls, Hell Knights and other non-classified creatures. The Project Lazarus  Manned Expedition (MTC2145/128), uncovered one tomb of particular interest. The temple was adorned with powerful holding runes and unique relics. Despite the complete loss of human life on the expedition, the relics were successfully returned by Scout-Bots to the Lazarus Labs for processing and study.

Unfortunately,records disappeared after the relics were sent to the Lazarus Labs and they are now presumed lost.

The Expedition :
As a Tier 2 advocate,you have access to privileged information that will help you udnerstand the UAC's mission and purpose, and how you fit in to the new future. You will be privy to a deeper understanding of our symbiotic connection to Argent plasma, and to how harnessing and using it is more than just good fortune, it's good sense.

You will also no doubt start discussing some of the more sensitive subject matters that we Tier 2 advocates mull over. One conversation that is often heard around the Argent Tower is "what happened to Samuel Hayden?" As you know, our venerable leader designed the original Argent Tower, and during its construction his mortal body was consumed by a devastating cancer. Despite this, Samuel did not give up and used the power of Argent Energy to create a new, more powerful body for himself, Samuel was still Samuel, but he became so much more. While it can be disconcerting to see Samuel now, remember that Samuel never gets sick, never tires, and is never afraid - and what do we have to thank for that? Argent Energy Of Course !

Do you want to be like Samuel? Set your sights on becoming a Tier 3 advocate. Tier 3 is where the secret power within you is revealed !



Pistol [ UAC EMG Sidearm ] : Charged Energy Shot
- Charge Efficiency : Decreases the time it takes to power up a Charged Energy Shot.
- Quick Recovery :  Decreases the recovery time for the Pistol after using a Charged Energy Shot.
- Light Weight :   Move at full speed when using the charged energy shot.
- Increased Power : Increases the maximum power of the Charged Energy Shot, resulting in higher damage potential.

Every UAC employee is provided a standard UAC EMG ( Energy-Matter-Gel ) Sidearm upon promotion to Tier 2 and above. This sidearm is reliable and effective at short range. A gravity gear dynamo in the stock charges a capacitor compresses up to 4 megawatts of Argent Energy into a hardened plasma gel and launches the slug at high velocity. The gel slug has the same impact properties of conventional ammunition, making the weapon act and feel like a standard ballistic firearm.

The weapon is constructed of thermally diffusive metal alloys which allow it to discharge rapidly and repeatedly without overheating or compromising the accuracy. The capacitor in the EMG can also be upgraded to concentrate the energy into one large pulse for more stopping power.

The UAC shotgun disperses a spread of high velocity buckshot for maximum impact against the enemy. Ideally suited for the operative who requires a speedy response for deadly close encounters, the wide coverage of this weapon loses the impact at long range, The weapon is forged from a high quality Titanium Steel alloy to ensure maximum reliability, repeat rate, and yield strength.

Combat Shotgun : Charged Burst
- Speedy Recovery : Reduces the recharge time between bursts.
- Rapid Fire : Increases the fire rate of the burst.
- Quick Load : Reduces the loading time for the charged blast.
- Power Shot : Successfully hitting all three shots from the Charged Burst will increase the damage of the next burst. This effect does not stack.

An Argent-charged Compression Reloader allows the operator to automatically fire up to 3 rounds in rapid succession. With the enemy at close range, this action is devastating, taking down all but the most resilient of adversaries. The Compression Reloader requires several seconds to recompress after use.

- Speedy Recovery : Reduces the recharge time between shots.
- Bigger Boom :   Increases the size of the explosion .
- Instant Load : Removes the loading time for an explosive shot.
- Cluster Strike : Getting a direct hit with Explosive Shot will spawn cluster bombs that deal additional damage.

This shotgun ammunition incorporates a glycerin fuse that detonates an Octanitrocubane gel upon impact. Embedded shot is dispersed at the point of impact, creating a wide area of effect. Highly effective against multiple targets or when detonated to the rear of enemies in defilade.


Although recently superseded by the Plasma Rifle as the UAC's standard issue weapon, the Heavy Assault Rifle is still in widespread use due to its dependable mechanical firing mechanism, high accuracy at long range, and an abundant supply of ammunition. The weapon is effective at all engagement distances, and is best used against a solitary target, unless a micro missile modification is present. The standard issue ammunition is a .50 caliber FMJ round.

- Uranium Coating : Bullets fired while zoomed penetrate through targets.
- Skull Cracker : Bullets fired while zoomed will deal additional headshot damage.
- Light Weight : Move faster when zoomed in with the Tactical Scope.
- Devastator Rounds : Ammunition fired while zoomed uses experimental,heavy damage rounds.

The Heavy Assault Rifle can be fitted with a parallax compensating telescopic sight that allows for multiple zoom levels and gimbal mounted recoil stabilizers. The high accuracy of the UAC-TS3 turns the HAR into an excellent sniper rifle that is capable of firing multiple rounds without creating unmanageable recoil.

- Ammo Efficient : Reduces the ammo cost of Micro Missiles.
- Advanced Loader : Greatly improves reload time for Micro Missiles.
- Quick Launcher : Instantly Activate the Micro Missile rack when it is ready to fire.
- Bottomless Missiles : Micro Missiles can be fired indefinitely without requiring a reload.

A multi-chambered cylinder located under the primary barrel can be loaded with up to six HMX missiles. These small but deadly rockets were designed to deliver multiple payloads to a single target, but can also be used to subdue multiple targets within a tight kill zone. The missiles will detonate shortly after making contact with any surface.

The Plasma Rifle became standard issue among military units with the advent of the Argent powered electromagnetic accelerators. Based off the HIPGD design of the early 21st century, this weapon delivers a rapid salvo of plasmoids that inflict both impact and thermal damage to the target.

- Super Heated Rounds : Shots from the plasma rifle build heat much faster.
- Improved Venting : Significantly reduces the weapon's recovery from a heat blast.
- Expanded Threshold : Increases the amount of heat that can be contained, resulting in more potential damage.
- Heated Core : Generate heat passively without needing to spend ammo.

A Copper crucible attached to the focusing lens of the Plasma Rifle absorbs residual thermal energy from the weapon and can discharge it instantly by transferring the heat to a borosilicate diffusion chamber. This creates a heat wave from the end of the weapon that causes localized damage and sometimes creates a pressure wave that will knock back targets. The Crucible recharges with normal use of the weapon. While the operator of the weapon is partially shielded from the charge, it is recommended that a thermal protection uniform ( such as the X suit prototypes ) be worn while operating this modification.


This is a great weapon in the game Doom. It is a fast firing rocket launcher that holds specific rocket launcher ammunition. It packs nice damage and has splash effect damage as well or area of effect damage. It makes quick work of smaller enemies, and with the Multi-Lock on, function becomes ever more powerful. Just be aware that you can take self damage if you are in the blast radius of the rocket launcher's AoE.

  • Lock On Burst Mod
  • Quick Lock
  • Faster Recovery
  • Multi-Targeting

For starters, we have the base rocket launcher. However, when lock-on burst mod is equipped, it changes the weapon dramatically. First, there is quick lock. This lowers the time it takes to lock onto an enemy. Note, you can use only the lock-on burst when the target aim turns orange. This quick lock will lower that time to perform the LT action. Furthermore, you will have a "cool down" after using the lock-on burst. The Faster Recovery perk will lower this cool down time. Finally, you can multiply your targets by three, and the rockets will be divided among those three targets. This is called multi-targeting, and I find it to be of limited use. I only find it to be one of the weaker final perks on the games nice amount of weapons in the Doom Marine's arsenal. This is despite the base weapon, and it's mod being very powerful and intriguing.

The game has great variety in weaponry. The Lock-On Burst will not disappoint rocket enthusiasts. Blasting up to three rockets at once with the lock on. It can take down some of the games toughest enemies with ease. This goes double when using the Quad Damage artifact. Even using the rocket launcher at base is still fun and has quite an impressive array of animations and graphics and even amusing sounds when used. It should keep everyone interested for a while. On a final note, I love the weapon mod. Its smaller skill perks are very useful. One major nit pick is it's ultimate perk that I feel could have been developed a bit more intriguing, or at least explained more thoroughly for rocket launcher and Doom fans to use.

A most powerful weapon that can serve as a sniper when precision bolt is used. It also has a second modification that we will get into in another article. For starters, this gauss cannon like the plasma rifle uses cells as ammunition. However despite its pretty look it packs a nasty bunch in comparison to it's sister weapon. It eats 15 ammunition per power shot, rather then the single cell of the plasma rifle. However the punch is well worth it, especially when modded with the Precision Bolt.

Precision Bolt Gauss Cannon 
At base the Precision Bolt Gauss Cannon, adds the same kicking power except with a nice high tech scope. Furthermore when charged and scoped only will it deal more damage. It also leaves a trail of lightning essence graphic in it's wake when a max charged shot is released.

  • Energy Efficient 
  • Light Weight
  • Volatile Discharge

First lets look at perk #1 Energy Efficient. This will reduce the time it takes for a full charge between shots. This is a crucial perk saving the obvious keyword here which is time. Light weight makes the weapon even better as you can move at full speed while aiming and charging the gun. This is amazing in the boss battle vs the cyberdemon. Finally Volatile Discharge which is the last and most powerful perk. This will release a powerful explosion if an enemy is killed with a precision bolt shot.
Precision Bolt Gauss Cannon (HD)

If you would like to see these weapons in action,specifically the gauss cannon. Click the video link above. Also follow me here on and get your gaming needs covered especially Doom.

The gauss cannon is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. With all perks, precision bolt specifically is the go to gun for big enemies and even the cyberdemon boss both phases. Sure the BFG-9000 is the obvious powerhouse but ammunition is too far and between for that gun. The gauss cannon comes in a close 2nd in terms of practical uses on large demons, despite it costing a bit more in ammunition.


There have been reports of this item being seen at the Argent Facility,though there are no known uses for it. Security personnel have been made aware that this item has likely been smuggled onto Mars,and have been directed to confiscate it immediately. As there are no practical uses for it, it must be assumed that this item should be considered a black market enthusiast's weapon.

To start off, there are 3 types of grenades. They are also considered to be "equipment" items in the game. Two of them act just like a grenade, toss and explosion effect. The hologram is a bit different, as it will place a decoy in your location when used. Via the Praetor tokens and on the Praetor menu screen, the player can upgrade their equipment module. I suggest doing this early because equipment items can save your life in this game. You can increase the amount of charges for your equipment up to 2. The player can also increase its effectiveness in battle and finally lower cool down times.

The design of this weapon is conventional in nature,though it has been refined to perform at the limit of its ballistic capabilities. The UAC Fragmentation Grenade uses a Comp-D explosive package encased in a steel alloy shell,and has an effective fatality radius of about 5 meters. Improvements on the antiquated M67 grenade include a more reliable chemical fuse mechanism,interior machining of the casing to provide more efficient projectile dispersion and a trigger switch safety clip to prevent unwanted activation. The newer Comp-D explosive also ensures the radial pressure wave has no "drop spots" - ensuring full damage potential within the fatality zone.

These are your basic grenades and you should acquire them first in Mission #1 the UAC. They are the most powerful, impacting weapon of the 3. However this does not mean they are the most useful, each and every equipment piece has it's advantages. The frag grenade explodes in a nice radius and can damage all and any enemy at any time unless it is shielded by a force barrier or something similar.

This ancient piece of tech is as effective today as it was when first invented in the early 21st century. The holocaster discharges an invisible cloud of ionized Argon, which a camera then uses to projects an image through. The refracted light creates a "holographic" effect above the device. The decoy image has a broad color spectrum, and can be quite convincing. The device was first theorized by popular culture media of the late 20th century.

You can acquire the Holograms at the end of the Argent Tower level/mission. Soon after they will be found in several other places in the game. They are actually quite the distraction. If timed right all enemies will attack it and continue to do so until the decoys time span runs out. However it should really be used as an evasive tactic. This is because once you begin firing again and a demon notices you, you will enrage the demon making it set sights on the Doom Marine (You). So in a nutshell use these when health is low and your looking for an escape route to a nice piece of armor or more health/ammunition.

These are the last of the grenades you will acquire. I find they are the coolest looking and very very practical to use. You will get them in a later game mission in the game's Hell area. They also look great on the menu screen and even the HUD(Heads up Display). The codex for them really explains how well they can work in game and it's an interesting read. Check out the video in banner link above for more information and HD montage.

The possessed are created in a Lazarus Wave event, a phenomenon first discovered by Dr.Olivia Pierce during her Lazarus Project. While most victims exposed to Argent biowaves will expire without further effect, some subjects will absorb traces of Argent Energy and enter a state of posthumous vigor. Despite necrosis of the internal organs ( with the exception of the brain ), the victim continues to animate and exhibit a low order of sentence for weeks or even months after clinical death. Posthumous brain activity in the Possessed is limited to instinctive behavior. The Possessed are known to be territorial when confronted by the living. When isolated,they will often enter a dormant state for extended periods of time. They will stand,unmoving,for days or weeks at a time until presented with a live food source, or threatened by a predator.

An interesting behavior has been seen when the Possessed are held in small groups. They will drag human corpses to a central location within their holding pens, and then perform a silent ritual around the pile of bodies. The resulting ceremonial site appears to be the initial stages of a Gore Nest. These actions must be driven by a telepathic communication with higher ranking demons, as there is no local brain activity that could manage such choices. The possessed will perform these tasks even when limbs are removed or Pavlovian pain responders are implanted in their cortex,further cementing the theory that they are unwilling slaves performing an integral part of the life cycle of the demons. The Possessed create the birthing ground for new demons, and upon expiration are themselves used as fertilizer for the Gore Nest.

During a Lazarus wave event, victims undergo dramatic changes to their physiology both internally and externally. Aside from fundamentally changing the composition of their internal organs,the high intensity plasma wave is strong enough to fuse metal to skin. In many cases,personal items such as watches and jewelry can burn through the skin and become permanently embedded in the victim.

Perhaps the most unfortunate victims of this fusing event are any subjects that happen to be working with acetylene tanks or welding equipment. As this equipment is often attached to the body to allow for mobile work in low gravity environments, the Lazarus Wave will create a demonized human with highly combustible explosive device embedded in its skin.

As with all possessed creatures,they are mindless and driven through some form of telepathic communication from an unknown demon overseer. Additional care must be taken when confronting a Possessed Engineer ; if the fuel tank is punctured and it doesn't explode, the weakened container can turn the Possessed Engineer into an explosive projectile. This is a danger to any being nearby,both human and demon.

While the Lazarus Wave exposure does effectively wipe any vestige of human behavior from most of its victims,some subjects continue to display tactical cognizance posthumously. As with Possessed Engineers,this does not appear to be random. If an individual has training in combat ( as part of the UAC Military ) the Lazarus Wave event will transform them into more than mere slaves. This anomaly further supports the theory that there is some form of genetic coding embedded within the Lazarus Wave particles which governs the outcome of Lazarus Wave exposure on a per-case basis.

Possessed Security units exhibit the most complex battle strategies of all the possessed humans,including mobile shield advances towards the enemy and firing while in defilade. Possessed Security will also drop their shields to adopt a more accurate firing stance at the cost of lowering their defense.

A Possessed Security will keep an original distance from its target, if the target gets too close, the Possessed Security will attack with a ferocious shield bash then retreat to a preferred engagement range. Possessed Security have only been observed using the DS-117 UAC shotgun and shield outfit which suggests that their ranks are exclusively created from members of a special forces military unit called the UAC NeoPhalanx. The Neo Phalanx is used exclusively as military defense for remote UAC colonies.

These ferocious and agile demons are found all over Hell, and are often used on the front line in a concerted attack in either dimension. They revel in battle,feeding off their victims, when the hunger takes them.

Despite their low status among the demon ranks and their seemingly endless numbers, Imps have a unique characteristics in battle. Some prefer fighting from an elevated position, while others will rush their target and swipe at them with razor sharp claws. Walls and obstacles offer no defense against Imps as they will leap great heights and easily hang from surfaces. The Imp is capable of channeling Hell energy through its hands and shaping it into a projectile. As the Imp channels the energy, airborne particles and debris are sucked into the maelstrom to create a condensed, super heated fireball. The mechanics of the Imp's ranged attacks suggest that they are actually a lower form of the Summoner.

The Hell Knight is a towering brute bred for combat deep in the bowels of Hell. These diabolical beast are the prized gladiators of the demon-horde. They relentlessly stomp towards their target, smashing their massive fists into the ground to create shock waves that stagger their opponent and leave them vulnerable to bone-crushing melee attacks. The Hell Knight's powerful legs allow it to leap across large distances effortlessly, quickly closing the gap to it's enemy.

Tablets, retrieved from the Great Steppe in the UAC Automated Survey of 2143, suggest that the Hell Knights originally flanked the Great Serpent during the first age. After their master was defeated by the guardian the Hell Knights were placed in the arenas of Hell, where they would feed on any victims thrown to them by the Demon overlords as sport. It is now believed that they guard the most sacred and important relic in the nether world.

The Unwilling are fully transformed Possessed that have been transported to Hell to serve as shrine worshippers, slave labor for the higher level demons, or cannon fodder for battle within Hell.

The Hell Razer Is an astute and tactical foe that will engage enemies from a distance with a powerful beam of unrefined Hell energy. The beam emanates from an arm-like profusion composed of cartilage and other osseous tissue. Articulation of the cartlidge allows the Hell Razer to focus its energy beam into a single charged shot that will obliterate anything in its path.

Recent dissection of a captured Hell Razer has revealed a remarkable embryogenesis. Between the third and eight week of development, a parastic Hell Razer will seek out suitable host to cremate from within. As the Hell Razer matures, the Host's arm ossifies into a beam weapon. Simultaneously, the pyrolyzed host becomes capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures generated during the repeated accumulation of Hell Energy. The Hell Razer has not yet been observed outside of Hell and further investigation is planned for the next Tethering Operation.

Phase #1 is actually quite easy. You should pick up and restock on all health and armor in the room previous to this boss battle. Note there is also a mega health in this level. The mega health is nearby. The megahealth will increase both your health and armor to it's maximum. However once depleted you can only go back to your original health and armor maximum and minimum numbers. Once you complete the above open the door and get ready for the first TRUE boss fight in Doom 2016.

The cyberdemon will charge at our hero the doom marine. It will also launch a sonic boom curved type projectile. For it's massive attack it will rain missiles upon the ground from the sky. These missiles will show on the floor where they will eventually hit. You should avoid them to not take damage. The cyber demon will also blast Multiple locked on missiles from his enormous rocket launcher at the doom marine strafe to avoid. You will need to be using two types of weapons for this battle. The Precision Bolt Gauss Cannon and the Multi - Lock on Rocket Launcher. Remember to hot swap between the two.

In the video you will see what weapons I am using and they are stated in the above paragraph. Also note that I added in Frag Grenades to the mix. You should be throwing these twice at every chance you can get. This infamous leader of demons the cyber demon is quite a spike in difficulty so be sure to listen carefully here. With the gauss rifle and the rocket launcher, you should be charging  and locking on at all times. Focusing on head shots especially with the gauss rifle. The major trick to all of this is especially having the Light Weight perk for the gauss rifle. Always be strafing left or right and don't forget your jump. On a side note there is the option to save your BFG-9000 ammo and use it at this point in the battle. There is one more ammo located in this battles arena.

This is a great boss battle, you're going to have a large amount of fun with it, especially for the "hardcore" players on later difficulties. Just try and be sure to have the multi-lock launcher and gauss cannon upgraded before the battle. One more major final note, the BFG-9000 and it's ammunition is your BFF.


Mission #1 : The UAC 100% Completion Rate Video 

Complete walkthrough of the Original Doom game. It is played on pc by's Ironmorgoth. Some mods for graphicals were added in as well as some extras in the technically titled Ultimate Doom. However the gameplay and level design is the same so feel free to use this as your walkthrough even if playing the very original I.D. Software version.

Complete Walkthrough of Doom 2 by Ironmorgoth on The game was played on Ultra Violence difficulty level. P.C. Version played with free mouselook on the doomsday engine. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to Ironmorgoth.

Doom 3 from Doom 3 BFG Edition, full game 9-hour single video HD 1080p playthrough / walkthrough / longplay / gameplay of the full single player campaign. Played on "Nightmare" difficulty. If you wish to see the same playthrough in 1440p, but in several parts, check out this playlist:

Difficulty rating 5/10:

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