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hardcore strategy with for word codex and original thoughts plus HD video on the games, weapons,gear story and collectibles + secrets. All with original banners and even some headlined flash art. Check it out on the best shooter to come out in a long time !

Full in progress strategy lore and legendary gear guide to Battleborn by gearbox studios and published by 2K games. It's a great game and even if your planning on getting overwatch this one is very different and good and well worth it !

Full hardcore guide ! I went for just about everything I possibly could in one run. The game is very very good. It has great weapon diversity which mixes it up and keeps the game fresh so you can play a very long time. I put around 200 hours in and If you look at the guide I was still missing tons of items. I did the best I can in one run. you all enjoy the guide !

Next up is the Legend Of Zelda Series. Click the Link above and it will lead you to the hub page. All banners link to strategy guides. Some of the lower banners may not be complete yet. Supercodebreak will be trying to cover every MAIN Zelda game ever mad with hardcore style !

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